Eazy Plug versus Rockwool – Day 3

by Tradewinds Wholesale
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This is day 3 and some of the tomatoes are already sprouting in the Eazy Plugs. Out of 8 plugs, 4 have sprouted. One noticeable trait of Eazy Plugs is their color difference between wet and dry, allowing for a visual indication of when they need watering. In the photo below, the light brown indicates areas where the Eazy Plug is dry, and the darker color shows where there is moisture. Later, once the sprouts have developed their roots enough to fill the plugs it will be time to transplant.

Sprouts are showing in 4 of the rockwool cubes as well. The rockwool cubes appear to hold moisture for longer than the Eazy Plugs. Quick drying growing mediums should be watered often. Growing mediums that don’t dry quickly enough are more prone to fungal issues and root rot can set in. Eazy Plugs seem to have a nice balance between the two. Rockwool tends to stay on the moist side so care must be taken to avoid overwatering.

Neither the Eazy Plugs or the rockwool cubes require any watering yet, as the are still moist from the initial soak. The sprouts appear healthy and are on their way to becoming seedlings. At the top of the sprout is the seed casing, which falls off as the sprout grows. These first seed leaves hold nutrition to sustain the sprout until the first “true” leaves” appear.

Eazy Plug startup kits are available from hydroponic shops and garden centers carrying Tradewinds Wholesale Garden Supply products.

The Eazy Plug startup Kit includes:

  • 12 Eazy Plugs (1.2″ x 1.4″) with mini tray
  • 12 Eazy Cubes (2.9″ x 2.4″)
  • An instruction booklet

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