Frequently Asked Questions

by Tradewinds Wholesale

Answers to frequently asked questions:

What are the requirements for becoming a Tradewinds Wholesale customer?

The base requirements are you must have a business license for resale (retail) and have a physical (brick-and-mortar) retail store and/or online storefront. All applications are subject to review by our management team.

Can I create a wholesale account if I’m an online retailer?

We typically do not seek online-only accounts – especially those that intend to sell our products on auction sites (such as eBay or Amazon) – which will not be considered.  If you own a physical retail store or have a legitimate, customer-facing online store, you will be allowed to sell through your online storefront. 

Where can I find pricing for products on Tradewinds Wholesale?

Suggested MSRP pricing can be found for each product on our website.  Wholesale pricing is not published and is reserved for approved retail customers only.

Do you sell to commercial (not retail) accounts?

If you have an official state-licensed growing operation, we encourage you to contact us to see how we can best work with you.  Our primary goal and mission are to protect our retail partner accounts.

I have a product I’d looking for added distribution, who do I contact?

If you are a vendor with a product you feel would be a fit for our retail community, please reach out to and provide all relevant product and contact info.

I used your store locator tool to find a store near me, but they don’t carry the product I’m looking for – what should I do?

You can contact the retailer to see if they will place a special order for you, and we can ship it directly to that store.  Please remember that you may need to pre-pay before they will place the order for you.

I’m a current retail partner and want to see if you can start carrying a specific product, how do I proceed?

We are always willing to consider adding products our customers want.  Please go to the Contact Us page on our site and fill out the form.  We will review and let you know if we are able to solve your need.

Does Super Nutrients come in a dry form?

Super Nutrients products (SBA/SBB, SVA/SVB) only come in liquid form.  Sizes range from quarts through 55 gallon drums.

Age Old Nutrients used to be called Age Old Organics – did they change their formula? Are they Organic?

Age Old Nutrients are made from organic products but not organic-certified (i.e.,OMRI).  Their formulas have not changed.

Does the Peruvian Gold Golden Nitro (Dry) come in larger sizes?

Yes, the largest sizes we carry for Peruvian Gold Golden Nitro are 20 lb. and 50 lb. sizes

Where does Age Old Nutrients source their kelp (for Age Old Kelp)?

The Kelp is Ascophyllum Nodosum from the North Atlantic; Very clean waters. 

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