Super Nutrients

by Tradewinds Wholesale
Super Nutrients

Super Nutrient formulas are water-soluble plant foods for indoor or outdoor use. In addition, Super Nutrients has been giving outstanding results to a large community of growers over 15 years. Their formulas are two part solutions designed for both Bloom and Vegetative growth. Used alone or with additives, they are easy to use, yield powerful results time after time and are ideal for growing applications.

Extensive testing across North America has determined its effectiveness in soft and hard water applications. Soil and soilless tests were conducted in a variety of hydroponic applications by leading retail stores in California, Florida, New York, Tennessee and throughout Canada. Results have been nothing less than superb.

Super Nutrients Bloom Formula For Outstanding Flowering

Designed as a two-part nutrient to ensure maximum flowering potential. Promotes healthy, lush flowering growth by including all primary nutrients in the formula. In addition, the pH balanced formula requires little to no pH up/down required. Some applications may vary. 

Super Nutrients Veg Formula for Rapid Growth

Designed as a two-part nutrient to ensure maximum growth potential. Includes all primary nutrients in the formula to promote healthy, lush vegetative growth. pH balanced with little to no pH up/down adjusting required. Some applications may vary.

Benefits of Using Super Nutrients 

Super Nutrients are user friendly and simple to use. Mix in equal parts to insure proper nutrient levels. When using SV or SB, just one tablespoon each of parts A and B (add an additional teaspoon if desired) per gallon makes for a recipe that is easy to remember. Highly concentrated solutions means more value for your dollar. They wont clog up filters, drip lines or leave sediment build up like most other formulas.

Super Nutrients are available in quart, gallon, 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon drums.

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