Eazy Plug versus Rockwool – Day 1

by Tradewinds Wholesale
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This is a seed sprouting trial using Eazy Plug plugs versus Rockwool starting cubes. This should be taken as a historical record of a particular trial with a small sample size and not an indication or guarantee of future performance or indication of performance in other situations (In other words, this is what happened here, your milage may vary).

The trial will be between Eazy Plugs and rockwool.

Both the Eazy Plug and rockwool packages come with instructions on how to prepare before use:

Eazy Plug prep instructions

(instruction text)

plug ‘n grow

Dried plant starter cubes with super fast water retention

It’s so easy!Just water and drain out excess water.

Eazy Plug will regulate the optimum moisture level automatically.

The Eazy Plug booklet has additional directions:

Allow the Eazy Plugs to fully suck up water with a pH of 5.8.

Let it drain out excess water. Do not squeeze out or dry the plugs.

Eazy Plugs are self-regulating and will only hold the water they need for an optimum moisture level and an optimum air-to-water ratio.

Rockwool prep instructions

The rockwool cubes also have printed instructions on the front of the package.

(instruction text)

Prior to planting fully saturate the B’Cuzz Mini-Blocks in a 1/3 strength nutrient solution adjusted to pH 5.5 and let stand to ensure the nutrient solution is evenly absorbed throughout the entire block. Drain excess nutrient solution and B’Cuzz Mini-Blocks are ready to use.

Water as needed – start with 1/2 strength nutrient and slowly increase nutrient strength with future watering, so that you end up with almost full strength just before transplanting to a B’Cuzz Rooting Block.

Following the directions, each sprouting area was prepared.

The first seeds up are tomatoes (approximately 5 to 10 days to sprout).

SunBlaster Quad Thick Propagation Trays are built tough.

  • Four times the thickness of regular 1020 trays.
  • No need to use multiple trays when one quad thick 1020 tray will do the trick. 
  • Same dimensions as a standard 10 X 20 propagation tray.

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